Tips & Tricks

1) As you put your wrap on, set a personal intention. Leave your wrap on for days, weeks or even months: it only gets better with time.

2) Your wrap has a brand new, nylon cord. Once your wrap gets wet, it softens quickly and begins to conform comfortably around your wrist. Getting it wet is merely our suggestion, as it will soften with your body temperature naturally. 

3) Each wrap has a small amount of give. It may be dainty, but is strong enough to withstand one last roll. However, if you are intentionally trying to break it, there’s a chance that it will snap.

4) It is normal and expected to have a couple millimeters of exposed cord. This gives your wrap the flexibility it requires to lay comfortably on your body. But don’t worry, you’ll never notice - we use corresponding color cords.

5) Your wrap may feel too snug to come off (again, no worries). With warm water and soap, it’ll slide right off your wrist. And yes, you can wear it in the shower.

6) Your hand-strung, wrap is worn beautifully as an anklet or a necklace (several different ways: a single choker, double choker, or long and tied as a lariat!) Be creative with it.

7) Our intention is for you to find your own expression as a personal way to experience jewelry. Be patient and have fun with your one of a kind, MaeMarie intention wrap!