About Us

MaeMarie is an intention-based jewelry brand; although, it did not start that way. What started out to be a simple jewelry company, proved to be far more difficult than we thought. After realizing the tiny, European glass beads we were set on using for our design were nearly impossible to find due to their size, we almost threw in the towel more than once. It was through our deep focus and intention to locate them, that they began to manifest into fruition. People were showing up to help us track down these tiny gems sitting on shelves in the backrooms of bead stores around the country. We realized our wraps were keeping us intensely focused on making our dream a reality. This is when we began calling them 'Intention Wraps' and figured if they could work for us, they could work for anyone in any capacity.

Our focus will always be on the message of personal intentions they carry. While you wrap the tiny beads around your wrist, neck, or ankle, the purpose is to set an intention for your desires while being mindful of what we are giving out and taking in. We liken it to having a rock in your pocket. We notice it is there and we pay attention to it. When we pay attention to something, we are giving it energy, thus creating change. Good or bad.

Our desire is that each of us create an amazing life while being intentional about our desires. Remember, our most powerful tool is our intention.

Sending many great intentions...